There are a billion different reasons why we sometimes need to hear or read a very inspiring life quote. It might be because of a difficult day, the days that we have to endure a bit more, the days with complicated decisions, or the days that we lose something or someone and the days that our heart is broken.

But, from time to time, we have a special happy reason that makes us look for a life quote just to makes us feel even more cheerful and positive. When these times came, they can even be motivated by something that has happened to us or not. Sometimes life simply inspires us, can be nature, a beautiful song or movie, hearing the sound of a friend's laughter, or the smell of something that reminds home.

Shot this photo of @vicky.flatt one week ago. The light was incredible and her performance couldn’t be better. Never did any proper “photoshoot” and this one nailed it completely. Looking forward to post more photos like this one.
Photo by João Ferreira 

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