Instagram is one of the most popular social networks on the Internet and has become a very important communication tool in our lives. Through Instagram we share our best and simplest moments with people who cannot always be with us and experience such moments by our side.

The photo is the first thing you need to have for publishing at Instagram, but you also need to add context, tell a story, move, inspire, declare yourself. Regardless of the message, Instagram gives us some ways to add meaning to the photo: You can tag a person in the photo, add a location, use the filters to make the photo even more beautiful or write a Caption.

hand holding photo
Photo by Jakob Owens

To bring you some inspiration to the Instagram caption, we have chosen some of our favorite Instagram captions. Using the filter you can personalize with your stile and more compatible quotes will appear. Have fun creating your own caption, then just copy and share!

Some quotes are inspiring, some can be funny and some are intelligent. Well placed certain phrases can change someone's day, so be sure to post beautiful phrases for photos and inspire the world around you.

Use the filters and see more Instagram Caption options. Also check out our other quotes and captions made with love for you and get inspired!